Broadway Avenue Utilities
Extension Project (UEP) Design

Broadway Avenue East Utilities Extension
Project (UEP) Design

About The Project

The Village of Estero has initiated a project in the Broadway East area for the comprehensive design of a sanitary sewer collection and potable water distribution system to eliminate existing septic systems and replace reliance upon wells for potable water.  The project will also address needed improvements to existing stormwater management (drainage) facilities. The project includes areas along Tanglewood Lane, Fruitful Drive, Sandy Lane, Highlands Avenue, and Trailside Drive. The design portion of the project was initiated in June 2022, and survey crews have been in the affected neighborhoods (shown on the map in yellow) investigating and collecting site information about existing septic tanks as part of the preliminary engineering work. Homeowners may have noticed crews in front of their homes or in their yard while they located septic tanks, storm drainage pipes, and other existing facilities.

This project is currently in the preliminary design phase and is expected to be complete in February 2024. Initial preliminary project layout and design considerations are being completed.  

A public information meeting is planned to be scheduled in late summer to receive input on the project. Individual meeting notices will be mailed to property owners when a date has been confirmed.


To view layout exhibits showing where water and sewer services are currently proposed click on one the area overall layout below:

Public Notifications

All updates, notices and documents related to the Broadway Avenue
East Utilities Extension Project will be posted here to keep you up-to-date.

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